What happened to my DREAM! read my story.

Being a dreamer is not a sin, its not bad at all, when you dream of something whether its possible or impossible, it doesnt matter, you must keep on dreaming.

When I was young i used to dream of being a radio presenter when i grew up, but my dream was never fullfilled, why? There are many reasons why it didnt, it can be financially, it can be listening to negetive friends, oppression at home or the society or maybe i lost interest, i may not know, some how i ended up dreaming of being a top rap artist, but again because of unknown reasons, my dream was never fullfilled, i have been in and out of different jobs and eventually landed into a security guard work, still dreaming of being a business man, hope you getting me right, I mean i am still dreaming of becoming a business man, but, scared of not fullfilling that dream, because there is negetivity everywhere, firstly i have to find out if my dream is still alive or sooner i will be asking my self again WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DREAM


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