# TopPageFollowers
December draw prizes!

1. The Guard Entertainment hamper bag, with this included!
– Hair Accessories like hairdyer (if the winner is a female) or hair clipper/ shaver (if the winner is a guy)
– Airtime
– The Guard Branded Tshirt
– etc. depending on the sponsors.

2. All finalists will be rewarded with The Guard Branded t shirts or more, depending on the sponsors!

3. please note:

– During December draw, these will be considered,
a) How active were you on the page from January to the draw date which is December!
b) How many friends did you bring to like the page.
c) How many likes did you have on your first vote and on the last vote.
d) The final decision will be made by Judges and that will be final!


Predict the Score between #EURO2016 #France vs #Portugal and win yourself a R12 airtime, all networks allowed!


1. Right your score in full n your number n network eg. France 1 Portugal 2 0737799982 MTN

2. Incorrect entries will not be considered.

3. The first person with a correct answer get the airtime.

5. Competition closes on Sunday 10 July 2015 at 21:00

Good luck!

Competition brought to you by The Guard Entertainment Pty Ltd, go to for more info.

1. Photo Competition (Adults)

2. School Bag Photo Competition

3. Baby Photo Competition


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